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Carl Van Colen
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research interests:

  • Ecology and biodiversity of coastal seas and shorelines
  • Disturbance ecology and resilience
  • Ecophysiology and behavior of benthic fauna
  • Climate change, microplastics and noise pollution


Contact Info
UGent profile:
BSc, Biology, Ghent University (2002)
MSc, Biology, Ghent University (2004)
PhD in Exact Sciences - Biology, Ghent University (2009)
Research Question
How does environmental change affect the phenotypic plasticity of benthos and what are the implications for ecosystem functioning?

I have a broad interest in the functioning of the seafloor and its inhabitants, their interactions within the community and with the abiotic environment. I apply environmental monitoring, ecological modeling, and empirical studies ranging from large-scale field experiments across spatial and temporal scales to laboratory microcosm studies to unravel the underpinning mechanisms of community (in)stability and its consequences for ecosystem functioning and service delivery, such as biogeochemical cycling.