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Our research group specializes in ecological modeling, employing various techniques to better understand marine ecosystems. We develop energy budget models for marine crustaceans, unraveling their energy allocation and consumption patterns. By utilizing fish otoliths, we create growth models linked to temperature, providing insights into population-level changes and dynamics. Additionally, we employ species distribution modeling to predict and analyze the spatial distribution of marine species, aiding in conservation efforts. Furthermore, our expertise extends to carbon flow modeling, enabling us to describe the intricate pathways of carbon exchange within marine ecosystems. Through these modeling approaches, we strive to advance our understanding of ecological processes and support evidence-based conservation and management strategies.


Marleen De Troch

Associate Professor

Ulrike Braeckman

Assistant Professor

Jan Vanaverbeke

Guest Professor

Carl Van Colen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emil De Borger

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tuan Anh Bui

PhD Student

Cathrin Wittig

PhD Student

Abril Reynés Cardona

PhD Student

Steven Pint

PhD Student

Joe El Rahi

PhD Student
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